National Metrology Insutitute of Japan (NMIJ)


Standardization of environmental analysis methods of hazardous chemicals

- Contribution to international control of hazardous chemicals by using advanced technologies -

Sachi Taniyasu, Nobuyasu Hanari, Yuichi Horii, Nob

Synthesiology Vol.5 No.4(2012) p.270-286

Dose standards for safe and secure breast cancer screening

- Establishment of X-ray dose standards for mammography and construction of a calibration service system -

Takahiro Tanaka, Tadahiro Kurosawa, Norio Saito

Synthesiology Vol.5 No.4(2012) p.228-240

Improvement of reliability in pressure measurements and international mutual recognition

- Incorporation in industrial digital pressure gauges to the national metrology system -

Tokihiko Kobata, Momoko Kojima, Hiroaki Kajikawa

Synthesiology Vol.4 No.4(2012) p.212-226

Development and release of a spectral database for organic compounds

- Key to the continual services and success of a lage-scale database -

Takeshi Saito, Shinichi Kinugasa

Synthesiology Vol.4 No.1(2011) p.35-44

National electrical standards supporting international competition of Japanese manufacturing industries

- Realization of a new capacitance standard and its traceability system -

Yasuhiro Nakamura, Atsushi Domae

Synthesiology Vol.3 No.3(2010) p.214-223

Development of primary standard for hydrocarbon flow and traceability system of measurement in Japan

- Approach to construction of an effective and reliable traceability system -

Takashi Shimada, Ryouji Daihara, Yoshiya Terao, Ma

Synthesiology Vol.3 No.1(2010) p.53-63

Improving the reliability of temerature measurements up to 1550 °C

- Establishing the temperature standards and calibration system for thermocouples -

Masaru Arai, Hideki Ogura and Masaya Izuchi

Synthesiology Vol.3 No.1(2010) p.26-42

How the reliable environmental noise measurement is ensured

- Development of acoustic standards and a new calibration service system -

Ryuzo Horiuchi

Synthesiology Vol.2 No.4(2010) p.258-269

A marked improvement in the reliability of the measurement of trace moisture in gases

- Establishment of metrological traceability and a performance evaluation of trace moisture analyzers -

Hisashi Abe

Synthesiology Vol.2 No.3(2009) p.206-220

Expansion of organic reference materials for the analysis of hazardous substance in food and the environment

- Realization of an efficient metrological traceability using the quantitative NMR method -

Toshihide Ihara, Takeshi Saito, Naoki Sugimoto

Synthesiology Vol.2 No.1(2009) p.13-24

Is an angular standard necessary for totary encoders?

- Development of a rotary encoder that enables visualization of angle deviation -

Tsukasa Watanabe

Synthesiology Vol.1 No.4(2008) p.53-61

A new density standard replaced from water

- Using silicon single-crystals as the top of traaceability in density measurement -

Kenichi Fujii

Synthesiology Vol.1 No.3(2008) p.33-44

Improving the reliability of temperature measurements taken with clinical infrared ear thermometers

- Design and establishment of a new calibration system traceable to the national standards -

Juntaro Ishii

Synthesiology Vol.1 No.1(2008) p.47-60