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Industrial Materials for EPMA
Fe-Ni, Alloy,Stainless steel, High Nickel Alloy, etc.
Industrial Materials (thickness, hole-size, ion-implant)
CRMs for depth-profile analysis of GaAs/AlAs superlattice, positron lifetime measurements for hole-size measurement, ion-implanted arsenic analysis by SIMS, etc.
Industrial Materials (for Fine ceramics, for X-ray fluorescence)
CRMs of fine ceramics, which mass fractions of main components or trace elements have been certified.
Industrial Materials (for nanoparticle characterization)
Polystylene latex nanoparticle, 120 nm
High Purity Inorganic CRMs
CRMs for titration analysis, etc. The value of mass fraction of each high-purity inorganic material has been certified.
Organic CRMs (High-purity materials)
The value of "amount of substance fraction" or "mass fraction" of each high-purity organic material has been certified. There is also Cyclohexane for thermal analysis.
Organic CRMs (Standard Solution)
Standard solutions for analyses, etc.
Organic CRMs (for Clinical Chemistry and Bioanalysis)
CRMs of high-purity amino acid, cortisol in human cerum, C-reactive Protein Solution, etc.
Polymer CRMs
Certified values are molar mass for each degree of polymerization, etc.
Environmental CRMs (for Environment Analysis)
River water and marine sediment for trace element analysis, etc.
Environmental CRMs (for Food Analysis)
Cod fish tissue, swordfish tissue, Japanese seabass tissue, white rice flour, unpolished rice flour, etc.
Environmental CRMs (for Chemical Speciation)
Arsenobetaine solution, arsenate [As(V)] solution, and, dimethylarsinic acid solution.
CRMs for Green Procurement
CRMs for analyses related to RoHS.
Gas CRMs
High-purity gases(CH4, O2, etc.) and gas mixtures for PFCs.
CRMs for Thermophysical Properties
CRMs(RMs) for measurements of coefficient of thermal expansion, thermal diffusivity, thermal conductivity, and, heat diffusion time across the thickness.

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